As I woke up in the middle of the night, from intense dreams I realised the room was steeped in flickering orange light. „What a weird place“, I thought drowsily, looking forward to dreaming in more bright colours soon again. The next morning we were told there had been a car set on fire just around the corner of where we’d been sleeping. I improvised a scenic intervention as a personal ‚Au revoir!‘ to Charleroi. I collected grime from the burnt car, talked to residents and wrote on a mattress, which has been in a street not far away for quite some days already, playing with the translation of the words ‚black – noirs‘ and ‚dreams – rêves‘. It was our last night, before we left. Real Life tragedy becomes story in the arrangement of coincidental findings.

The Video was the result of an excursion of the space& designSTRATEGIES department at Kunstuniversität Linz, led by Antoine Turillon, in which we were exploring this fascinating post-industrial city by artistic research and intervention.