For a project called, „Denkarbeit“, translated as „Work of Thought“ together with Sophie Netzer we had originally intended to create a live-performance reading texts about work to people passing by from an old Newspaper-Stand in Vienna’s Porzellangasse, run now by Kulturverein „dieAchtung“.

CoVid19 pandemic has changed our plans. We had to make adaptions, moving to Home-Office. This gave us the chance to stage business hours and work, in a fake „live-stream“…

Twice a day I actually had to „work“, go over to the stand dressed in an orange suite and start the video again.

We’ve hung up flyers on site, set up a website, asking other people to join our team. Many had just lost their jobs due to the pandemic and Sophie assigned topics related to „work“ to people who would share their thoughts in texts they could send to her per e-mail. She then cut away the irrelevant parts and weighed their value, paying everyone according to what she has set by her own parameters of worthiness.

zentrale Denkarbeitsstelle Österreich
ZID - Zentrale Denkarbeitsstelle

A couple of weeks after the Lockdown, Sophie managed to travel to Vienna herself and performed for people on their way to work 8 in the morning. Inside the Newspaper Stand she was reading like an announcement a text about the characteristics of work, capitalism and our society. Passengers on their way to work, barely noticing the meaning.

Lesung von Sophie Netzer zum Thema Arbeit – aus Thomas Bernhard „Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall“