Visualize & manifest your ideas & soul's desires with the method I create my artworks to make daily life your own creation.


Creative sessions include movement sequences to support a physical expression of your state of mind. Meditations to open your mind and heart for endless solutions & opportunities.


Analyzing words and belief, the media you focus on, the environment you are exposed to, finding arrangements & combinations that fit your needs & purpose. Create your story to shine bright!

Mood Collage

Intuitively selected imagery starts your journey into the depths of your heart's desires. We invite feelings and moods, shifting your focus to your dreams & visions.

inspired action

Define the steps and scale of your vision. Implement giving and receiving. What can you do for the universe and what can the universe give to you? Progress in everyday life.



Creative Sessions – reviewed by… 

SHARRON YUJING CHENG : “I cherish the retreat sessions as they provide me with valuable insights into my true aspirations and instill the courage needed to propel me forward. During those two transformative hours, I was enveloped in a profound sense of love and had the privilege of connecting with individuals I might not have encountered within my local community. I am genuinely grateful for this enriching experience. And my manifestation came true the week after.”

MARVIN JACOB WORTMAN: “I felt good during the session and the meditation was very interesting to me, taking my body through the different imagined spaces. Keeping the collage to myself, being busy selecting my pictures was pleasent. I could carefully put my vision into images. It does not involve technical skills and thus is super easy to put it in action. I am curious to see if I am more open minded now, it felt just the right moment to receive this information. The week after I felt a synchronicity that reminded me of my collage. I am curious to see how it will manifest in the future.” 









collaborating with

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Logo-Breitenseer Lichtspiele

Action Painting

I create paintings by dancing on a set-screen
or cloth typically used for studio photography or on film-sets. Instead of hanging it on the wall, i place it on the floor and instead of playing in front of it ai paint onto it.

Depending on the topic, I sometimes add short poems or illustrations. Each painting comes with a video of the creation process and is unique, since no prints are made from these fragments of bodyprints.

...adding excurses in the fiels of

urban Design

Bezalel Jerusalem 

Sceno- graphy LIGHT & ARCHI- TECTURE

Bildende Wien
Kunstuniversität Linz 

Art therapy

 2 year long Erasmus+  EU Project

for Worldwide Inclusive:

Safeguarding the Vulnerable.

Per- forming arts

...Performance Mitwirkende

Für das #kommraus Festival – Forum Öffentlicher Raum ludt die Stadt Wien ein Straßen und Plätze zu Entdecken, Happenings zu gestalten und diese Orte künstlerisch neu und partizipativ zu erschließen. Als Teil des Teams vom Department für raum- & design Strategien der Kunstuniversität Wien entstand ein Minigolf Spiel quer durch den 7. Bezirk. Ich unterstütze mit Ausstattung für Kostüm und als Performerin/Begleitperson TeilnehmerInnen / BesucherInnen durch die einzelnen Stationen zu führen. 
Link zum Festival:

Scenic Intervention

Aux rêves noirs is a wordplay with my impressions of this town, whilst saying goodbye to a couple of days we spent there for an excusrion at the space& design strategies department. 

Scenes are developed based on found objects, conversations with residents about a situation happening, filmed with my “Actioncam”, reminding of Computer Game/adventuroius aesthetics. 

Initiativ & Solo Projekte

new York's financial District

The Market Spectacle

an interactive webstory about making dreams come true


My exhibitions aim to invite visitors into a parallell universe. 
I try to create a visual concept taking visitors on journey/ an experience of moving and static images, connected through narratives and accompanied by sound and performance. 

Performative Research

performative research project on abstracted qualities of what it means to be human, translated in form, shape and movement sequences.

A collaboration with Nicol Baumgärtl, Sophie Netzer, Kerstin Reyer, Elisabeth Höppel, Olivia Leth. 

Visuals were inspired by the works and collaborations with photographer Lily D’Olce and her visual langugae. 

filmed by Kristoff Müllegger on glaciert Dachstein in Austria, with music by Luca D’Alberto

Blue is the warmest color

an actionpainting about “love”, with music by Jaques Brel, interpreted by Valerio Leocata on the piano 

Pop Up Belgrade | 2021

A Pop Up Exhibition invited visitors to wander the pages of Yalla! cookbook for an evening, whilst having a drink or listening to music.

Illustrations and parts of the book were hung all over the place in December2021
@Polet Belgrade.

be light exhibition | 2021-22

Images depicted an inner dialogue between the bright and the dark sides of life, between chaos an order, between knowing and questioning, accompanied by poems written on travels or during creation process.

Images depicted an inner dialogue between the bright and the dark sides of life, between chaos an order, between knowing and questioning, accompanied by poems written on travels or during creation process.

During the Pandemic the exhibition turned into an online format accompanied by two zoom performances and afterwards we held to live performances for which i connected the images in a bigger narrative guiding visitors through the space, before they could write and reflect on their thoughts and feelings on my body. Colourful glasses were given to the visitors, after projecting their thoughts on me, so that they could see the space in different nuances beyond a division of images in black and white. Visitors could also purchase booklets to bring light to their dark sides, a diary with white pen on dark pages. Many prints came with a QR Code, allowing visitors to watch a video or moving image sequence. from which the print was rendered. WATCH SHORT

Plattenbau-Kostüm | performative Installation

Online Auction | 2021

In an online auction, we presented a collection of self portraits i created throughout my 20ies. In an interactive zoom Q&A, I answered questions giving about the stories of life to each painting.

Tomato Identities | 2017/18

 I collected videos of people peeling tomatoes, telling me the definitions about their “self”. How they describe themselves / as “what”, we “define ourselves. I was breaking down the idea of defining the self to give a glimpse to who we really are.

Kollektiv Zyklus | 2017/18

with a monthly changing title the female only illustrator platform featured different topics with different illustrations throughout the year.

Finishing 2018 with an Exhibition in theater Spektakel, 1050 Vienna. 

photograph edited after visiting Marseille "baignade interdite, eau profonde." | 2017

Edited Photograph | Marseille ©
Glitter Aktion | 2016

After starting my art studies and deciding to become a performance artist, I dreamt of an exhibition in MUMOK Vienna.

Quickly I figured, that this might take some years. So I took the “Trump” approach, bought tickets for each “performer” and we spread glitter all over the place.

Fast Art | 2016

the series was developed for a site specific exhibition that visitors were supposed to see in a parking garage. The visuals  – developed as a short moving image sequence (GIF) show my naked boy wrapped and freeing myself from plastic whilst taking a selfie. 

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