July 2021-September 2022 | be light Exhibition @beyourstory.at (Vienna)
Finissage: 22. September 2022 – Kolingasse 3, 1090 Wien
An Online Exhibition was created during the Pandemic in Cooperation with @BeeVR StudioVISIT HERE

March 2021 | Pop-Up Exhibition @currymehome Vienna

Dec 2021 | Pop-Up Exhibition @Polet (Belgrade)
during a Residency with @BelgradeArtStudio

June 2021 | Online Auction “10 years Sex, Masquerade & Self Portraits”

Dec 2017 | Group Exhibition Kollektiv Zyklus “Spektakel” in Wien inkl. Kalender 2018

Drawing near the truth

Making art means to see and name the world, to draw from and dance with life in the artificially created reality of understanding.

Cookbook & Spice-Paintings

During an Exchange Semester at Bezalel Academy I was inspired to create a cookbook which is currently available in German Language @CurryMeHome (Rasumofskygasse 34, 1030 Wien, Austria)

Additionally I started to create paintings from spices instead of using Pigment.
Currently they can be seen @ayurvienna.at

Katharina Höppel

I am a Multimedia Artist who loves to learn, move and create together with other artists and creatives.